Bann Chang Thai Staff


Gorn is the live-in villa manager and has been with Bann Chang Thai from the very beginning.  She's the head of staff, speaks very good English, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the villa.  If you have any needs or requests, she's the best one to ask.


Nam is originally from the North Eastern part of Thailand but has lived in Phuket for many years now.  She has been working at Bann Chang Thai for around 3 and a half years and is an integral part of the Bann Chang Family.  She usually works evenings and is one of the staff members helping serve dinner.  Her English is quite good and she is fantastic with kids which is great as she can also babysit if the adults feel like going out for the evening.


Ta is Noi's daughter and has been working at the villa for about three years now.  Her English is quite good, and she usually works evenings and will be one of the staff helping serve dinner.  She's great with kids and will be one of the babysitters if you request this service.  She also helps during the daytime with cleaning, laundry and ironing.  


Noi is the head-chef for Bann Chang Thai and she has been with us for over three years now.  She is quite versatile in the kitchen, but her specialty is authentic Thai cuisine.  If you have any special dietary needs (or allergies) please be sure to let her know and we'll be happy to prepare your dishes accordingly.  


Rudy is from the Southern part of Thailand but has lived in Phuket for more than 5 years now and his English is great.  He has been working at Bann Chang Thai for almost 3 years now and is a favourite among guests.  Rudy will be the first one you see as he is the minibus driver for the villa and will be greeting you at the airport when you arrive.  He knows the island very well and can take you to all the best attractions. He is also an ex Muay Thai trainer so if some of you wish to have a 1-on-1 lesson at the villa, be sure to let him know.

Ai and Lai

Ai is from Myanmar and Lai is Thai; they have both been working at the villa for a few years now.  They will be the ones to clean most of the rooms so feel free to say hi. They don’t speak much English but they are more than happy to help and are always smiling.


Minh is the maintenance manager for both of our villas and has been on the team for over five years now.  He was also in charge of the construction team that renovated Baan Sung Thai and knows both villas inside and out.  Minh has great English skills which enables him to communicate with guests and staff alike.