Baan Sung Thai Staff


Sa is originally from the North Eastern part of Thailand but moved to Phuket more than 2 years ago.  She has been working for us for around 18 months in our other villa (Bann Chang Thai) and is now the Baan Sung Thai Villa manager.  She overseas everything in the villa to ensure maximum guest satisfaction.  Sa’s English is the best of all the Thai staff so she is the best person to talk to when you have any questions or requests.


Soi is from the Northern part of Thailand although she has been living in Phuket for more than 20 years now.  She has a lot of experience working in private villas and has worked for us for more than 1 year.  She is the head chef for Baan Sung Thai villa and her cooking skills are amazing.  She can also prepare very nice floral arrangements and is great at making fancy designs with our towels.


Lek is also originally from the North Eastern part of Thailand but has lived in Phuket for about 14 years now.  She has been working for us for around 2 years now and her duties at Baan Sung Thai include helping in the kitchen as an extra chef as well as general cleaning duties throughout the villa.


Whut has only recently joined the Baan Sung Thai team and is a great addition to the staff.  He is the minibus driver and has great knowledge of this paradise island. He speaks English and is always smiling and happy to take you wherever you need to go.


Oui is from Myanmar but has lived and worked in Phuket for many years now.  He has worked as part of the maintenance team for over 2 years and now also works inside the villa helping serve during meal times, as his English is great.  Oui is extremely helpful and very friendly.


Minh is the maintenance manager for both of our villas and has been on the team for over five years now.  He was also in charge of the construction team that renovated Baan Sung Thai and knows both villas inside and out.  Minh has great English skills which enables him to communicate with guests and staff alike.